First they laugh at you…

davej’s recent post reminded me of a story from The Game. The Game, BTW, is a very amusing book about learning to pick up women – if you haven’t read it, I recommend it (even if you’re not single).

Anyway, there’s a scene in the book where Style, our hero who happens to have a shaved head, is at a club, and he has a phenomenally easy time meeting women. Everything is working for him, and he’s feeling great about himself, until just as he leaves, the hostess says, “Aren’t you Moby?”

But I don’t think anyone is going to mix up davej and Moby.

One Response to “First they laugh at you…”

  1. Jan-Frode Myklebust says:

    I’m struggeling with understanding the title. Is it Microsoft that has passed the being laughed at step, and have started the fighting step (and in the end we win), or is it us laughing at Microsoft in HPC — and in the end they win ?