Want to work with me?


More seriously, in the past few weeks, my new employer (Pure Storage) has said a little more, and I can now link to a real jobs page.  As you can see from the listings, we’re looking for both kick-ass developers as well people with more QA/tools/scripting skills.  And we definitely are willing to help people fresh out of school learn, as long as they have some experience with Linux.

If you’re interested, you can let me know or just apply directly from the jobs page.  Good luck!

One Response to “Want to work with me?”

  1. darkfader says:

    As the other comments are closed:

    I think it least one SFS3504 must have gotten shipped, because I ended up having one!
    Proof: http://deranfangvomende.wordpress.com/2011/02/20/new-infiniband-benchmarks-ib_rdma_bw-overflow/

    It’s really fun to use and hasn’t let me down (except the slightly castrated IOS-likish OS sometimes is a little confusing. So sad the line wasn’t continued it really deserved it.

    I’d love to get my hands on the 10ge modules that one presentation mentioned, or even just a FC one… Or a second SFS3504 of course.

    I really enjoyed reading the IB post, it was cool to get so much insight into the development “history” of IB.

    Greetings and a lot of fun in the new job!