Lazyweb: best American plug to UK receptacle adapter?

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ll be traveling to Cambridge next month.  I haven’t been to the UK in nearly 10 years, and so I’m in the market for an electrical adapter, since even after powertop’s best efforts, I still need to charge my laptop occasionally.  So I’m looking for something I can use between a North American plug and a UK receptacle.  Ideally the adapter would be neither impossible tight nor prone to coming out, and wouldn’t fall apart until after my trip.  I don’t need any gold-plated active phase skew compensation or anything like that, though.

Any suggestions?  Thanks….

4 Responses to “Lazyweb: best American plug to UK receptacle adapter?”

  1. Alex says:

    A laptop should detect that it’s connected to 240V automatically, so all you need is a simple UK to US adapter. You can find one in your local RadioShack for $5-10, maybe something like model 273-1453. I have used RadioShack model 273-1452 for traveling to continental Europe, no complaints.

    Now, if you will be plugging in non-voltage-sensing devices, you will need to get a 240V to 120V AC converter, and those do get large, heavy, unreliable and expensive.

  2. roland says:

    Thanks… I should have mentioned that the laptop charger is labeled as accepting 240V, so I just need a plug adapter. I’m just hoping to avoid an adapter that falls out of the wall if someone sneezes, or is too tight to plug into, or breaks in my bag, etc.

    Radio Shack is a good suggestion, though. For some reason, shopping there would never occur to me, but it is the obvious place to go for this sort of thing.

  3. Roland, perhaps this is why you didn’t consider radioshack: :->

    In reality I bought a plug adapter kit there for no more than $10. It had both 2 and 3 prong UK style adapters, and worked fine with my thinkpad.