Materials from RDMA tutorial (at last)

At long last, after several requests, I’ve posted the slides, notes, and client and server examples from the tutorial I gave at 2007 in Cambridge back in September.  Hyper-observant readers will notice that the client program I posted does not match the listing in the notes I handed out; this is because I fixed a race condition in how completions are collected.

I’m not sure how useful all this is without me talking about it, but I guess every little bit helps.  And of course, if you have questions about RDMA or InfiniBand programming, come on over to the mailing list and fire away.

6 Responses to “Materials from RDMA tutorial (at last)”

  1. no thanks says:

    Is it possible to experiment with RDMA programming using tcp over ethernet? That is, mock implementations of the verbs interface you describe that under the covers use tcp sockets, purely for educational purposes?

  2. roland says:

    Yes, it is possible to implement the real iWARP protocol and verbs interface completely in software so it can run on a standard ethernet NIC, and in fact work has been done in that direction: To be honest I don’t know how usable the code currently available is, but you could give it a try and see.

  3. Steve says:

    I am trying to setup some rdma stuff on my work server, but am unfortunately finding very little documentation on the c++ api. Do you have a link or anything you could send me?

  4. Umayr Hassan says:

    Hi Roland,

    Thank you for sharing the code and tutorial – though I wish there was a some more information available on RDMA CM API and implementation than the man pages and the OFED README.

    For Infiniband devices, is it possible in any way to use RDMA CM without having to set up the IPoIB interface?


  5. Hi Roland,

    Thanks for this code. Gives a good overview on how to use the RDMA CM API. Im in the same boat as the previous commenter. Is there a way to use RDMA CM without setting up IPoIB interface?


  6. roland says:

    @Umayr, @Adit: No, on InfiniBand you must set up IPoIB to use the RDMA CM. The whole point of the RDMA CM is to allow IP addressing to be used with both InfiniBand and iWARP, and without an IPoIB interface configured, an IB port has no IP address.