Signs you may not be dealing with a straight shooter

A play in two scenes.


  • X – a senior manager
  • X’s admin – keeper of X’s schedule
  • Y – a hard-working developer


setting: X’s admin’s desk

X’s admin: Hi, Y.

Y: Hi.  I’d like to get some time with X when there’s an opening.

X’s admin: How about next Tuesday at 1?

Y: Perfect.  Please put me on the schedule then.


setting: X’s office, next Tuesday at 1

X: Hi, Y.

Y: Hi, good to see you.

X: Thanks for coming by.  We haven’t talked for a while and I just wanted to touch base.

Y: …

One Response to “Signs you may not be dealing with a straight shooter”

  1. D.J. Capelis says:

    Did he just assume he had scheduled the meeting and totally tried to just go ahead and wing it?

    Either way, ouch.