First they laugh at you…

I found this article in “Network Computing” pretty interesting, although not exactly for the content.   Just the framing of the whole article, with Microsoft is touting the fact that they’ve managed to achieve performance parity with Linux on some HPC benchmarks as an achievement (and putting up a graph that shows they are still at least a few percent behind), shows how dominant Linux is in HPC.  Also, the article says:

The beta also reportedly includes optimizations for new processors and can deploy and manage up to 1,000 nodes.

So in other words Microsoft is stuck at the low end of the HPC market, only us

One Response to “First they laugh at you…”

  1. Jan-Frode Myklebust says:

    I’m struggeling with understanding the title. Is it Microsoft that has passed the being laughed at step, and have started the fighting step (and in the end we win), or is it us laughing at Microsoft in HPC — and in the end they win ?