Transition to Linode complete

I recently moved the VPS that hosts this blog from Slicehost to Linode.  Both are very nice hosting providers that give you full control over a Xen virtual machine, including root access to the distribution of your choice and a slick web control panel, but right now at least, Linode gives you roughly twice the RAM as well as substantially more storage and bandwidth for the same price as Slicehost.

The main point of this post is really just to include my Linode referral link — if you’re going to sign up for Linode anyway, why not use my link and save me a few bucks on hosting?

One Response to “Transition to Linode complete”

  1. TopperH says:

    I’m using linode since april 09, and I’m having a very positive experience, performance is great compared to costs.

    I’ve written a little review about my experience: