Want to work with me?


More seriously, in the past few weeks, my new employer (Pure Storage) has said a little more, and I can now link to a real jobs page.

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  1. darkfader says:

    As the other comments are closed:

    I think it least one SFS3504 must have gotten shipped, because I ended up having one!
    Proof: http://deranfangvomende.wordpress.com/2011/02/20/new-infiniband-benchmarks-ib_rdma_bw-overflow/

    It’s really fun to use and hasn’t let me down (except the slightly castrated IOS-likish OS sometimes is a little confusing. So sad the line wasn’t continued it really deserved it.

    I’d love to get my hands on the 10ge modules that one presentation mentioned, or even just a FC one… Or a second SFS3504 of course.

    I really enjoyed reading the IB post, it was cool to get so much insight into the development “history” of IB.

    Greetings and a lot of fun in the new job!